MediaAdWiz is a revolutionary marketing platform that creates a “call to action” response.  The full compliment of television, radio, print, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and media placement all come together to create the MediaAdWiz platform.

Television, radio and print ads showcase a variety of informative, creative scripts that motivate both the buyer and seller in each market.  All ads are personalized with the individual CAHP coupled with their phone number and website.  Media placement is key to a complete campaign and our media buyers work with all media outlets to ensure maximum exposure for minimal cost.

MediaAdWiz members now have a national advertising agency at their disposal.  All members also have their own marketing company who now handles negotiations with all types of media and acts as a buffer thereby eliminating endless salespeople from calling to sell every type of media.

The SEO packages will help boost traffic to websites and increase authority so that the websites rise in the Google rankings.  That is, the website rises to the top of search results which, in turn, presents the site to more buyers and sellers as the web rankings skyrocket.  Ranking locally coupled with informative ads, and a great placement is a win-win for all members.

UMG Advertising is proud to partner with Lou Brown and the MediaAdWiz to maximize sales for all members.